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We believe in preventative medicine, and we believe sports should be enjoyed by people of all ages. That is what this website is all about. We hope the information here will help you to keep from getting hurt in the first place. If you do get an injury, then we will work hard to help you get back to play as soon as possible. So enjoy the site, have fun, and stay healthy!

Healthy Lifetime Habits for all Ages

Maintaining physical fitness and living a healthy lifestyle are the results of including sports participation and physical activity in your regular routines. These are important habits to develop as children and to continue throughout your lifetime.

The AMA has estimated that among Americans aged six to 19, the rate of obesity has more than tripled from the numbers seen in previous generations. Along with this has come an epidemic of illnesses seldom seen in doctor's offices a few decades ago. Other studies have shown that regular exercise improves self-esteem and mental health, and helps to control weight gain at all ages, while reducing cardiovascular problems and improving a number of quality of life issues in the later adult years.

It is not too late. A recent study published by the British Medical Journal showed men who adopt a physically active lifestyle at age 50 can, over time, have the same benefit on mortality risk as those who have always been physically active.

Within the Greater Houston area, including Ft. Bend County, we are fortunate to have ample recreational opportunities and facilities, many at little or no cost. By utilizing these regularly, we can improve our long term quality of life and lessen the potential need in later years to have to take advantage of the medical facilities also in our area.

Parents can insure that their children are physically fit and ready for sports by establishing a culture of fitness within the family, while also managing the risks as best as possible.

This web site is for you. In addition to information about potential injuries, it includes tips on proper conditioning and other safety considerations for the sports of interest to you and your children.

               — Tom Parr, M.D.

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Dr. Parr has been named as an "Outstanding Orthopedic Surgeon of Texas", as seen in SPORTS ILLUSTRATED.

Dr. Parr enjoys teaching parents and coaches on the various aspects of sports safety. If you would like him to speak to your group, please call us.

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For after-hours orthopedic emergencies, Dr. Parr prefers you call him directly at 281-491-7111 or 281-537-4318. He may be able to help you get treatment faster and save you an expensive ER bill.

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